Particle Minibeam Therapy (PMBT) is an innovative and experimental approach within the field of radiation therapy. Unlike conventional proton or ion therapy, PMBT spatially fractionates the particle beam into smaller sub-beams or "minibeams," up to a few millimeters in width, with small gaps between them. This unique technique is designed to selectively spare healthy tissues located between the minibeams while effectively targeting and damaging cancer cells within the tumor. While still in the research and experimental stages, PMBT holds promise as a potential advancement in radiation therapy that could enhance treatment precision and reduce collateral damage to healthy tissues, ultimately improving cancer treatment outcomes.

The series of PMBT Workshops started in 2023 aims to serve as a platform for advancing research, promoting collaboration and accelerating the development and clinical implementation of this promising radiation therapy technique.

Following the success of the first workshop in Paris, we are glad to announce the 2nd International Particle Minibeam Therapy Workshop taking place in Munich on the 20th-22nd of March 2024!

There will be experts from all related disciplines (physics, biology, clinics etc.) offering stimulating and comprehensive discussions. In the workshop, plenty of people involved in the minibeam research community will give interesting talks, while also young researchers will have the chance to present their work and get beneficial feedback from experienced researchers.

The topics covered in this workshop are:
  • Technologies of Particle Minibeam production and application
  • Dosimetry of Particle Minibeams
  • Biological mechanisms of the effect of Particle Minibeams
  • Pre-clinical studies on Particle Minibeam Therapy
  • Medical applications
Additionally we are pleased to announce a ErUM-Data special topic about:
Digitization and machine learning in particle minibeam therapy

Furthermore, we are aiming in enlarging the network of collaboration and the interdisciplinarity of the field and increase accesibility for beamtime.
We therefore especially invite people from all ErUM-Communities and from facilities offering beamtime to join the workshop.

When: 20th - 22nd March 2024
Where: Universität der Bundeswehr München, Casino


For registration follow the link:


Organizer of the workshop: Juniorprof. Dr. Judith Reindl, UniBwM