The basis for the further development of the bachelor's degree course in aerospace technology is the Qualifications Framework for German university degrees as the standard for the qualification of the first educational cycle, i.e. the bachelor's degree. The graduates

  • have demonstrated knowledge and understanding in a subject that builds on and goes far beyond their general secondary education and that is usually at a level that, supported by scientific textbooks, at least in some aspects links to the latest findings in their subject.
  • have demonstrated a broad and integrated knowledge and understanding of the scientific foundations of their field of learning.
  • have a critical understanding of the most important theories, principles and methods of their course of study and can deepen their knowledge in every direction.
  • can apply their knowledge and understanding in a way that demonstrates a professional approach to their work or profession and which has skills usually demonstrated by formulating and substantiating arguments and solving problems in their field of study.
  • have the ability to collect and interpret relevant data (usually within their field of study) to support assessments and judgements that take into account relevant social, scientific or ethical concerns.
  • can communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both experts and laymen.
  • have developed the learning strategies they need to continue their studies with maximum autonomy.
  • can take responsibility in a team.