Practical training is part of a degree programme and the aim of the specialist internship is to explore study-related fields of activity, to gain general and specialist knowledge and experience from professional practice and to experience the social structures in companies in the free economy.

The selection of the internship institution, taking into account academic study contents and emphases, is the responsibility of the students in conjunction with the internship office. The internship is scheduled to take place during the lecture-free period, approx. July to September of the first academic year. Students must make detailed arrangements with the company and the internship office regarding time, content and topics on their own responsibility.

The internship is carried out according to the internship regulations of the faculty LRT, published as Annex 3 of the Bachelor's examination regulations.

The internship must meet the following conditions for full recognition:

  1. Total length twelve weeks, of which two weeks were already completed in the basic and pre-study internship.
  2. The internship may not be less than four weeks for area A and six weeks for area B.
  3. Overall, the coverage of at least five significantly different sub-areas with a minimum of one to a maximum of four weeks per sub-area is required for areas A and B together.
    Area A at least 2 sub-areas
    Area B at least 3 sub-areas
    Area A: Industrial Engineering Internship
    Marking: Integration of the trainee into a working environment of skilled workers, master craftsmen and technicians with predominantly executive activity character.
    Typical sub-areas can be here, for example:
    Production and processing of materials or semi-finished and finished products, assembly, commissioning, testing and quality control, plant operation.
    Area B: Engineering Internship
    Marking: Integration of the trainee into the work environment of engineers
    or appropriately qualified persons with a predominantly developing, planning or managing activity character
    Typical sub-areas could be here, for example:
    Research, development, construction, calculation, testing, design, production planning, production control, logistics, plant management, engineering services.
  4. As an alternative to various sub-areas with a maximum of four weeks each, in area B longer activities in a single sub-area are also recognised as interdisciplinary project internships if the field of activity being worked on is characterised to a special degree by a variety of references to different sub-areas. For such interdisciplinary project placements in a single field of activity, the number of weeks may be recognised up to the maximum total number of weeks permitted for area B. For the recognition of longer internship periods in a single field of activity as an interdisciplinary project internship, demanding criteria are to be applied.
    Such criteria could be, for example:
    Participation in teams in which experts from different organizational units and areas of responsibility work together in an interdisciplinary manner on a specific current task. Coverage of several different areas of responsibility.


 Companies for the specialized internship
The knowledge and experience to be imparted in the specialist internship can be acquired primarily in medium-sized and large industrial companies as well as in companies that operate extensive technical facilities.
Engineering offices and university-independent research institutions can also be considered for parts of the specialist internship.
Not suitable and therefore not approved are craft enterprises in the maintenance and service sector as well as university institutes and institutes at universities.
In the specialized practical course at least the general guidance of the trainee activity is to take place by a person with engineer qualification.

Implementation of these guidelines
The decision in all questions of the practical course is made by Dr. Inka Schade, Internship Officer of the Faculty of Aerospace Technology.
It is subject to the instructions of the Audit Committee responsible pursuant to § 3 FPOLRT/Ba.
All necessary templates for the internship can be downloaded from the Examinations Office.
Please send enquiries about the suitability of the company with a link to its Internet presentation to the trainee representative.

Internship representative of the Faculty of Aerospace Technology:

Dr. Inka Schade
Institut für Technische Produktentwicklung (LRT3)
Geb. 42/0008, Tel.: 089/6004-3263

Contracts and delivery of the report portfolio:
Christine Galonska
Prüfungs- und Praktikantenamt
Geb. 101/0104, Tel.: 089/6004-4593

Supervision of the study programme:
Andrea Ciecierski
Prüfungs- und Praktikantenamt
Geb.101/0116, Tel.: 089/6004-3072