As preparation for their studies, the future students should get to know basic techniques of production and processing in the basic/pre-study internship before their studies; it serves as an introduction to industrial production and the teaching of essential elementary knowledge.

The basic/pre-study internship is necessary before the start of studies in order to promote the understanding of the courses in the first semesters.

At the UnibwM, proof of the complete basic internship of six weeks and two weeks of the specialized internship from area A, FPO No. 3.2, is required as a prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor's program. The relevant evidence in the form of an internship report booklet must be submitted at enrolment.

Explanation of section A:

GP 1: Machining manufacturing processes
(Examples: sawing, filing, drilling, thread cutting, turning, planing, milling, forging)

GP 2: Forming production processes
(Examples: cold forming, bending, straightening, pressing, rolling, drawing, cutting, punching, riveting, forging)

GP 3: Primary forming manufacturing processes
(Examples: casting, sintering, plastic injection moulding)

GP 4: Joining and separating processes
(Examples: soldering, welding, flame cutting, gluing)

Conditions to be met for recognition of the basic/pre-study internship:

  • Total duration six weeks
  • Coverage of at least three of the four areas of activity mentioned above GP 1 to GP 4


The Air Force Officers' School is responsible for organising the basic/pre-study internship:


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