Virtual reality in the classroom? The VR lab on wheels

14 Mai 2024

The VR lab on wheels brings immersive learning experiences into the classroom. It is a mobile infrastructure for a virtual reality learning lab at the Chair of Learning and Teaching with Media at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. Equipped with a class set of VR headsets, virtual reality teaching units can be conducted directly in schools. So far, over 150 pupils from grades 10 to 13 have already taken part at schools in Magdeburg and Munich. Depending on the subject and grade level, various virtual learning worlds are available, such as prehistoric habitats, historical-political education or physical-biological phenomena. The learner-oriented design brings the content to life and enables authentic experiences that are otherwise difficult to achieve in regular lessons.

Virtual reality goggles are used to create immersive learning experiences, which are then reflected on collectively in the follow-up session.


You can find the website at the following link: