Our teaching activities aim at combining current challenges in corporate practice with the latest findings from organizational research. In doing so, we want to enable our students for an evidence-based analysis of practical topics and are guided by three guidelines: (1) Practical relevance of our courses; (2) Research-oriented learning based on current scientific findings; (3) Evidence-based problem solving as a bridge between science and practice.


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Content & Didactics

Our courses cover strategies, concepts, and instruments from different areas of leadership and management theory to promote well-being, engagement, and performance. In addition to the overall focus on these topics in the organizational setting, a specific focus of our teaching is on teams in organizations.

Alongside basic lectures on leadership, our courses address the topics of organizational behavior, team leadership, high-performance teams & team development, and intercultural management, among others.

We particularly focus on an appealing formal and interactive design of our courses, and use a broad range of teaching methods and materials in our seminars.