Educational sciences face the challenge of how to integrate innovations in media technology into teaching and learning while recognizing their didactic potential.
University teaching must be continuously adapted to emerging media affordances to allow for future teachers in their different roles, i.e. as media users, as educational technology consultants and, above all, as multimedia educators.


In line with these requirements, the Media Education Lab is dedicated to the following tasks:


  • Providing skills and knowledge necessary to design and implement different multimedia learning formats

  • Advising students on how to integrate different media technologies in their projects and theses

  • Holding project-oriented classes in media education (e.g. film and reception analyses, explanatory films, virtual learning environments)

  • Designing and implementing VR learning environments and multimedia learning programs (e.g. collaborative and case-based learning environments, serious games, simulations)

  • Supporting with video productions (e.g. educational 360° videos, explanatory films, infotainment)

  • Assisting with eye tracking studies conducted on computer screens and in real world environments

  • Evaluating multimedia learning environments using quantitative and qualitative data

  • Providing training on online tutoring, blended learning and the use of learning management systems)

  • Realization of training programs in cooperation with business enterprises and institutions of the German Armed Forces