The lecture "Static and dynamic loading of materials" deals with the failure behaviour of multiphase materials under monotonic and cyclic loading. Based on the linear-elastic fracture mechanics (LEBM) the effect of a crack on a loaded component is described. In doing so, both the K-concept and the energy aspect of crack propagation are given a lot of attention. At the end of chapter 1 the plastic deformation during crack propagation is considered and the so-called J-integral concept is considered.
The 2nd part of the lecture describes the material behaviour under dynamic loading. The aspects of crack formation and propagation under 1-step loading are studied in detail. Models for crack propagation in the context of LEBM are presented and simple laws are derived which allow a correlation between crack velocity and stress intensity.
The phenomenon of the growth of microstructural cracks (short cracks) will be dealt with in the last section of the lecture.



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