Project description

This project investigates the formation of residual stress in the L-PBF processing of pure tantalum components in collaboration with the Fraunhofer institute EMI.

The typical residual stresses of the L-PBF process lead, especially in the manufacturing of pure tantalum components, to a certain amount of distortion in the component and undesired material properties. New system technology, such as heated building platforms or multi-laser systems, enable new opportunities in influencing the residual stress related to high cooling rates.

In order to theoretically and experimentally evaluate the formation of residual stress, and finally to reduce it as much as possible, process parameters as well as scanning strategies will be studied in L-PBF processing of model alloys as well as pure Ta.


Dr. Maria Teresa Villa Vidaller

Dr. Maria Teresa Villa Vidaller

Gebäude 37, Zimmer 1136
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