Studentische Arbeiten

Student project work in your company

In addition to bachelor's and master's theses, our students also write seminar papers and project work theses. Many are interested in a practice-oriented topic in companies.


Your Benefits
  • Low Costs: Almost all of our students are soldiers, who are not allowed to accept any additional remuneration in addition to their salary due to the Soldiers Act. Unlike civilian students, there are no personnel costs.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Through the student work and academic supervision you receive new impulses from research.
  • Scientific Approach: The examination regulations make high demands on the academic quality of student research projects. As a company, you benefit from valid results that are scientifically and methodologically derived under the supervision of an experienced member of the institute's staff.
  • Good Feeling to Support Science: Science is always looking for industry experience and new use cases to try out new approaches and develop them further on the basis of practical feedback.

Trainings and workshops

We offer training courses and workshops for industrial users. These can be e. g. online webinars, method workshops of a development team on Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking & Co. or lectures on new scientific findings. We will gladly adapt to your requirements.


Your Benefits
  • Latest Scientific Findings: Our research activities keep us up to date. On the one hand, we generate new knowledge and ideas ourselves. On the other hand, we attend conferences in intensive discourse with other research institutes.
  • Neutral Perspektive: In contrast to management consultancies, for example, science does not pursue the goal of maximising profits. As a research institute, it is not our job to provide the answers you want to hear.