General Information

The lecture "Maschinenelemente I" will take place in spring trimester 2018.
Tuesday: 11.30 - 13.30 o'clock in 33/0431
Thursday: 11.30 - 13.00 o'clock in 33/1431
Friday: 09.45 - 11.15 o'clock in 33/0431

The lecture "Maschinenelemente II" will take place in autumn 2018.
The examination for the module "Maschinenelemente I +II" will take place at the end of the autumn term.

Information about the lecture "Maschinenelemente"

The basic engineering science module "Maschinenelemente" is a prerequisite for any constructive activity during the studies as well as during the later engineering activity in the field of aerospace engineering.

Module type: Obligatory
Module number: 1212
Qualification goals:         
  • You have basic knowledge of design theory and the most important machine elements.
  • You can use the most important design elements in designs according to the application.
  • Based on the requirements, the students are able to dimension and verify simple design elements in terms of strength, stiffness and service life.
  • Mediation of basic knowledge of machine elements:
    - Basics of design theory, design principles and design guidelines
    - Basics of strength calculation, load and stress types, static and dynamic component design
    - Axles, shafts, pivots, sealing elements
    - Shaft and hub connections
    - Joining, welding, soldering, gluing, riveting
    - Screws, threads, screw connections, prestressed screw connections
    - feathers
    - Plain bearings, rolling bearings
    - Belt and chain drives
    - Gear wheels and gear drives
    - Clutches and brakes
Performance report: Written Examination, 180 minutes


The prerequisite for admission to the examination "Maschinenelemente I and II" is the participation certificate in the lecture "Technisches Zeichnen".

The lecture documents can be found here.


Gebäude 33/0431 bzw. 1431 Gebäude 33/0431 bzw. 1431


  • 1: Gebäude 33/0431 bzw. 1431