Development of technical products isn't just a job to do - it is a passion!

To design, find solutions, create something new, being responsible for the fulfilment of customer needs ... is a delightful challenge. With the increasing globalisation, introduction of new manufacturing possibilities or rising volatility not only complexity of technical products is increasing. The complexity of defining and shaping these products is rising, too. It is essential to develop and refine methods and methodologies continuously as well as find and establish new ways and possibilities consistently to generate optimal, innovative and productive solutions.

ITPE is dealing with following 3 main aspects of development of technical products:

  • Distributed development
    How to continuously monitor and safeguard product maturity in a global and distributed development environment and what about the human factor in this topic?
  • Additive manufacturing
    How to make a sustainable decision for a generative technique already in an early and shapeless stage of development without the need for substitutive iterations in order to use the full potential of the technology?
  • Agile product development
    What is the role of leadership in scaled and distributed agile projects for development of physical products and what is the leadership strategy?

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