What is ROCS ?

We present a novel immersive Real-time Optimization and Control Simulator (ROCS). The idea was to build a simulator which allows for in time visualization and testing of our optimization algorithms and controllers. ROCS is build as a modular tool which allows for simple extension with other optimizers, controllers or the integration of sensory data. Further it is able to display scenarios and conduct experimental validation with a variety of vehicles like cars, industrial or mobile robots and flying platforms like drones, planes or quadrocopters. This is due to the modularity of the tool, since it is easy to implement models for every required type of vehicle. Furthermore, ROCS is linked to the Unreal Engine, which allows to create realistic scenes. Different modes of simulation are implemented. One can either provide precomputed data, use controllers in combination with model integration or employ an optimizer to simulate scenarios. ROCS already provides a set of vehicular controllers as well as different models for cars and integrators.

ROCS - Realtime Optimization and Control Simulator

The Realtime Optimization and Control Simulator (ROCS) is a software package written in Qt3D with Unreal Engine frontend. It is being developped at the Engineering Mathematics Group of the Universität der Bundeswehr München. It is a versatile tool to visualize and control vehicles, aircrafts, and robots in complex scenarios.


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