U.M. Borghoff , Technische Universität Munich, FRG

Catalogue of Distributed File / Operating Systems

This book contains a comprehensive survey of distributed systems, both file and operating systems. It also covers the majority of closely related projects, including both historical and presently existing approaches. The survey is organized as an encyclopedia, and each system is independently described. The descriptions of the systems accord with a catalogue of criteria covering the major design issues, such as transparency levels, heterogeneity, security, and availability. The book is the first to give: - Accessible information on the majority of distributed systems, - A table comparing the systems and summarizing the information, - Contact addresses and more than 600 references to the literature.

Keywords: Distributed Operating System, Distributed File System, Distributed Systems, Project Description, Bibliography

Fields: Operating Systems; Database Management; Computer Communication Networks

Written for: Researchers, System designers, Software engineers, Students

1992 . XI, 214 pp. 15 tabs.
ISBN 3-540-54450-X