There are three labs at the institute:



The research of the professors and assistants covers the following areas:


Projects and Tools

A number of active tools and projects have been established at the institute during the last few years:

  • Grappa - generating efficient graph parsers
  • DiaGen - a generator for diagram editors
  • WebPoint - a Java-based framework for creating web-based business applications
  • TituRel - a relationale reference language with interpreter
  • HOPS - The Higher Object Programming System
  • mediaTUM - Media Server of the librarby of the TU in Munich


Inactive Projects

Here, information about earlier projects (which are no longer active) can be found.

  • Out of the research about relational methods a couple of systems and tools evolved, which aroused international interest: RALF (a proof assistant) and RATH (a programming library for the exploration of relational algebra). The famous RelView-System found its birth in this institute, too.
  • The Java-based compiler compiler JACCIE, which provides an interactive execution environment, and SIC (Smalltalk-based Interactive Compiler compiler).
  • CDET - The Consistent Document Engineering Toolkit
  • GXL - Graph eXchange Language
  • TARSKI - Theory and Applications of Relational Structures as Knowledge Instruments
  • GROOM - Basics of object oriented programming
  • PROGRES, a project developed at the RWTH-Aachen.