QUEENS Workshop

30 November 2023

A hands-on workshop successfully introduced the software framework QUEENS  (Quantification of Uncertain Effects in Engineering Systems) to the institute. Our postdoc and core developer of QUEENS, Sebastian Brandstäter, prepared a series of tutorials, offering participants a practical understanding of QUEENS' capabilities. QUEENS seamlessly integrates into the existing software landscape, providing solutions to streamline routine tasks in computational mechanics and strengthening IMCS' position to contribute to integrating physical and data-driven methods. Post-workshop discussions during an informal gathering at Brandl restaurant focused on initial research projects with QUEENS at IMCS.


The prevalence of data-driven methods necessitates adjusting the software landscape for research in computer-based simulations. QUEENS is designed to meet this demand by seamlessly integrating the physical and data-driven domains. QUEENS is a Python framework for composing multi-query analysis workflows for arbitrary simulation software. Applications range from automated convergence studies and sensitivity analysis to uncertainty quantification, Bayesian inverse analysis, and scientific machine learning. The software is developed together with the Institute for Computational Mechanics, TUM, thus strengthening also the successful collaboration between the institutes.