Nora Hagmeyer successfully completes doctoral examination

5 September 2023

Yesterday, Monday, 04.09.2023, the doctoral defense of Nora Hagmeyer took place. The examination was opened by the committee chairman Thomas Apel and started with a convincing 30-minute university-public lecture by Nora Hagmeyer on the main results of her thesis entitled "A computational framework for balloon angioplasty and stented arteries based on mixed-dimensional modeling". This was followed by a one-hour closed-door examination by the three reviewers Alexander Popp, Stéphane Cotin and Paolo Zunino.

After the examination, the committee chairman Thomas Apel announced the passing of the examination with the very good grade 'magna cum laude'. In the subsequent speech of the first examiner Alexander Popp, he went into important steps during Nora's time at the institute. In addition to the special achievements in the field of computational mechanics and biomedical applications, he thanked the new doctor engineer for her support as one of the first employees in the establishment of the new CompSim working group at IMCS. Finally, Nora Hagmeyer thanked all attendees and invited everyone for food and drinks.

We congratulate Nora Hagmeyer on her great performance and the well-deserved very good completion of her PhD!