New publications in Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

31 Mai 2023

The IMCS contributes two publications to this year's Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

The first contribution introduces the concept of hybrid digital twins, combining physics-based modeling and data-driven techniques. The authors propose a hybrid digital twin for steel-reinforced concrete beams, demonstrating its effectiveness using sensor data from a physical test:

von Danwitz M, Kochmann T, Sahin T, Wimmer J, Braml T, Popp A (2023): Hybrid Digital Twins: A Proof of Concept for Reinforced Concrete Beams. Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 22(1): e202200146, DOI (Open Access) doi.png

The second publication addresses computational challenges in simulating mixed-dimensional problems, particularly in the context of beam/solid interactions. The authors discuss partitioning for parallel computations, search algorithms to find potential coupling pairs and linear solver performance using preconditioning to enable large-scale computations:

Firmbach M, Steinbrecher I, Popp A, Mayr M (2023): Computational challenges in mixed-dimensional beam/solid coupling. Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 23(1): e202200227, DOI (Open Access) doi.png