New publication on solving elliptic obstacle problems

8 Januar 2024

The new article "On solving elliptic obstacle problems by constant abs-linearization" has been published as open-access paper in Elsevier's Results in Control and Optimization. It was mainly created during former IMCS member Monika Weymuth's time at our university in collaboration with Olga Weiß, who works at our sister university, the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

In this contribution, the authors applied the CALi algorithm to efficiently tackle nonsmooth optimization issues, particularly in elliptic variational inequalities like the obstacle problem. CALi's strength lies in handling nonsmooth Lipschitz-continuous operators, enabling explicit leverage of nonsmooth structures. It efficiently locates stationary points by decomposing problems into "smooth constant abs-linearized problems." The paper unveils a comprehensive algorithmic concept, proving its prowess through practical examples.