New publication on Mortar FEM methods in contact mechanics

6 October 2022

In this article, a particularly efficient algorithmic implementation of mortar finite element methods (FEM) for contact problems between a deformable body as well as a rigid obstacle is presented. Such "one-sided" contact models are of highest practical relevance - for example in forming technology, tire-road contact or biomedical engineering. Compared to classical mortar finite element methods (FEM) for general contact problems, significant algorithmic simplifications and computational time savings could be realized. This publication is the result of a collaboration between IMCS and researchers at theUniversity of Porto (Portugal).

Pinto Carvalho, R., Couto Carneiro, A.M., Andrade Pires, F.M., Popp, A. (2022): An efficient contact algorithm for rigid/deformable interaction based on the dual mortar method, Computational MechanicsDOI (Open Access) doi.pngarXiv web-logo.png