New publication in Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

6 Oktober 2023

Our new proceedings paper on "Targeting a faster time-to-solution of mortar-based contact problems" has been published in Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

In this contribution, Christopher Steimer,  Dr. Matthias Mayr and Prof. Alexander Popp suggest a novel approach at reducing the overall time-to-solution of mortar-based contact problems. Although mortar methods are well known for their flexibility and accuracy, they come with a significant increase in computational cost. Additionally, the linear solver remains a bottleneck for the overall runtime. Here, a proof-of-concept is presented for a 3D mortar-based contact problem, by combining dynamic load balancing techniques with an algebraic multigrid pre-conditioned GMRES solver.

Steimer, C., Mayr, M., Popp, A., (2023): Targeting a faster time-to-solution of mortar based contact problems, In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and MechanicsDOI (Open Access) doi.png