New Preprint on Space-Time Finite Elements on Arxiv

16 Juni 2022

In this manuscript four variants of space-time finite element discretizations based on linear tensor-product and simplex-type finite elements are constructed and analysed. In a first test run, all four methods are applied to a linear scalar advection-diffusion model problem. Then, the convergence properties of the time-discontinuous space-time finite element discretizations are studied in numerical experiments. Key findings include a spatial accuracy of second order and a temporal accuracy between second and third order. The temporal accuracy tends towards third order depending on how advection-dominated the test case is, on the choice of the specific discretization method, and on the time-(in)dependence and treatment of the boundary conditions. Additionally, the potential of time-continuous simplex space-time finite elements for heat flux computations is demonstrated with a piston ring pack test case. 

von Danwitz M, Voulis I, Hosters N, Behr M (2022): Time-Continuous and Time-Discontinuous Space-Time Finite Elements for Advection-Diffusion Problems, submitted for publication,