New preprint on mathematical modelling of Lipolysis on Lipid Droplets

6 Februar 2024

In a new preprint, we investigate the mathematical modeling and numerical discretization of lipolysis on lipid droplets.

Lipolysis is a life-essential metabolic process, which supplies fatty acids stored in lipid droplets to the body in order to match the demands of building new cells and providing cellular energy. In this paper, we present a first mathematical modelling approach for lipolysis, which takes into account that the involved enzymes act on the surface of lipid droplets. We establish two numerical discretisations based on finite element method and isogeometric analysis, and validate them to perform reliably.

The work was largely carried out during the research stay of Reymart Salcedo Lagunero from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz at our institute and is therefore a good example of successful international research cooperation.

Salcedo Lagunero, R., Fellner, K., Apel, T., Kempf, V., Zilk, P.: Lipolysis on Lipid Droplets: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical DiscretisationPreprint, submitted for publication,