New preprint on fiber/fluid coupling

6 June 2023

In this preprint, we propose a fully coupled partitioned scheme to embed fibers (modeled by beams) into three-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes flow. The discretization of the truly 1D/3D coupling constraints utilizes a mortar-type approach and a penalty regularization. We solve the coupled problem by either an Aitken acceleration scheme or by a Matrix-Free Newton-Krylov (MFNK) approach. In numerical examples, we show optimal convergence under uniform mesh refinement and matching results compared to a fully resolved 3D/3D fluid/solid interaction simulation and study the computational performance of both Aitken and MFNK methods. Finally, we apply the proposed method to a submerged vegetation canopy, where we can -- for the first time -- study 103 fibers embedded into fluid flow.

Hagmeyer, N., Mayr, M., Popp, A. (2023): Fully coupled mortar-type embedding of one-dimensional fibers into three-dimensional fluid flow, Preprint, submitted for publication,