Ivo Steinbrecher receives Robert J. Melosh Medal

21 March 2022

It is our pleasure to announce that Ivo Steinbrecher, PhD student from the computer-based simulation group at IMCS, has been awarded the 2021 Robert J. Melosh medal for his contribution "A consistent coupling method for fully embedding 1D Cosserat beams into 3D volumes". The Melosh medal recognizes the winner of the annual Robert J. Melosh Paper Competition at Duke University for the best student paper on finite element analysis. The competition involves a two-stage process: first, an extended abstract is reviewed by a panel of distinguished researchers. Then, the authors of the top six papers are invited to participate in a symposium featuring talks by all six finalists, with the judging panel deciding on the winner. A full peer-reviewed paper of Ivo Steinbrecher’s contribution has meanwhile been published in Computational Mechanics under the title Consistent coupling of positions and rotations for embedding 1D Cosserat beams into 3D solid volumes.

What makes this announcement even more pleasant, is the fact that with Dr.-Ing. Matthias Mayr (winner of the 2017 Melosh medal) and Ivo Steinbrecher there are currently two Melosh medalists at IMCS. To the best of our knowledge, this leaves Sandia National Laboratories and IMCS as the only two research institutions employing more than one winner of the Melosh medal.

The title picture shows Ivo Steinbrecher (left) and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Mayr (right) in front of the winning presentation.