Honours for IMCS Master's graduates

12 Dezember 2023

Last Saturday, the Master's ceremonies were held at our university to honour the recent graduates. The Civil Engineering and Mathematical Engineering degree programmes, where the IMCS plays an essential role in teaching, produced numerous highly qualified graduates this year. In addition to organising lectures and tutorials, our institute is also involved in supervising student work. It was therefore no coincidence that many of the graduates took the opportunity to write one or more scientific papers at IMCS during their studies and, in collaboration with Professor Apel's and Professor Popp's team, gained their first insights into current research activities in the field of mathematics and computer-aided simulation.

Two of our alumni deserve special mention, as they have each completed three theses at IMCS. Following their Bachelor's student project and their Bachelor's thesis, Max Bahnmüller and Svenja Heitmann (see photo) also wrote their Master's thesis at our institute.

Max Bahnmüller developed and investigated monolithic solution methods for finite element simulations of the interaction of deformable solids with incompressible flows in his master's thesis entitled Mortar monolithic block systems and preconditioners in fluid-structure interaction. On the one hand, he was able to apply an efficient linear equation solver based on algebraic multigrid methods for an established solution method; on the other hand, he developed a novel coupling method involving Lagrange multipliers.

In her master's thesis entitled Isogeometrische Simulation der Eigenfrequenzen von Rissgebieten mittels verfeinerter Netze und Anwendung zur Rissidentifizierung, Svenja Heitmann further developed a method that can be used to numerically calculate the natural frequencies of membranes with cracks. She then used this method to generate high-quality training data for a neural network that can localise cracks in membranes using the natural frequencies.

In the future, the promotion of young scientists at our university will continue to be one of the core concerns of the IMCS, which we put into practice both by organising traditional and innovative courses and by supervising student and scientific work. If you are interested in a student project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We congratulate all graduates of the university on their successful Master's degree!