Computing cluster enhanced with 12 additional nodes

6 Dezember 2021

Our computing cluster, operated by the Data Science & Computing Lab (DSC Lab) at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation, has been equipped with more computing power. With funding of the project RISK.twin, 12 additional compute nodes (Intel Xeon Cascadelake, 2x26 cores, AVX512) with a total of 624 cores have been integrated into the existing system. With its total capacity of 1312 cores, our cluster will advance research in multi-physics modeling, high performance computing, and data science. This will enable key contributions to several research projects at IMCS, among them the two projects RISK.twin and

In the past, a series of papers has heavily leveraged this cluster, e.g., to develop a multigrid strategy for contact problems and for numerical experiments with non-invasive multigrid methods. We are now looking forward to advance our simulation and computing capabilities not only in the area of PDE-based simulation, but also for data-driven applications as targeted in RISK.twin.

For inquiries regarding possible research collaborations with the DSC Lab, please contact Dr.-Ing. Matthias Mayr.