content and qualification goals


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Karcher

tutorial instructorr:

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Hillmann


Modultype    elective module for Master of Computer Science, Business Computer Science and Cyber Security 
Trimester every winter trimester
ECTS-Points 6
TWS 5 h


Information and communication technologies to a large extent influence all economic areas, including the military sector. The information factor and the associated technologies for the acquisition, transmission and processing of data are thus becoming increasingly dominant.

In order to do justice to this dominance, students are shown the path from the superiority of information and knowledge to the superiority of leadership and effectiveness on the basis of central elements to NetOpFü (short for German term Vernetzte Operationsführung = network-centric operations). The necessary administrative and logistical processes to support the management processes by e.g. an enterprise resource planning system such as SASPF, will round off the module. The process orientation is treated as a prerequisite for the cross-functional cooperation of the elements of NetOpFü and SASPF.

Hence, the module Network-Centric Operations and SASPF focuses on IT support and application systems in the carrier-related context of transformation and introduction of standard application software product families (SASPF). Initially, student will obtain a fundamental introduction to the requirements of the knowledge and information structures resulting from the transformation and the network-centric operations. Then, an in-depth examination of the current supporting systems and integration concepts that are also pursued within the NATO armed forces, will take place. Insights into the current state of research will be provided via examples such as the Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO) or the Knowledge Development (KD) concept for knowledge-based decision support in complex network-centric operations. On the basis of selected case studies, the central approach of Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) will be presented. It is of central importance for the design, validation and introduction of novel IT-based procedures and methods.

In the accompanying tutorial, participants have the opportunity to deepen individual aspects by means of standards, best practices and examples from current research and thus gain initial application experience. The module will be rounded off by guest lectures by proven experts who will report on their direct experiences with solutions in the context of network-centric operations.


qualification goals:

The new challenges in the context of digitization, which are associated with network-centric operations and the ever-increasing importance of information technology, require appropriate methodological and technological knowledge. The module Network-Centric Operations and Digital Armed Forces prepares participants for these new fields of duty and provides both the corresponding application fundamentals and the scientific solution approaches and methods for the conception and design of corresponding application systems and IT solutions. This includes a fundamental grasp of domain-specific requirements, a general understanding of the structure and function of the standard systems used, and an architecture-based system of procedures.


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