How Do We Learn about the World Through Our Different Senses?


Study supervision

Prof. Merle Fairhurst

Wenhan Sun


Study goals

We aim to understand how we learn with our different senses.

Our experiment consists of Reinforcement Learning tasks, where the correct pair of answers needs to be learned visually and auditorily.  


Time required and participation benefits

The online experiment takes 40 mins to 1 hour, and participants have a chance to win a €50 Amazon voucher.

- normal or corrected vision
- right handed
- age between 18-40 years

Online participation


Dear Participant, 

Thank you for taking interest in our online study on how we learn! The study should take 40 mins to 1 hour to complete, and you will be entering for a round drawing to win a €50 Amazon voucher after completion. 

The study is made up of three parts: we will ask you a few questions about yourself and about your learning style and then two experimental tasks, one in which you will be presented with and compare visual stimuli and another when you will hear and compare sounds. For the auditory task, please do remember to ensure that sound is enabled and the volume is sufficient. It is important to do the two parts in a particular order. 

To participate, click the first link below to start the first task. Once the first task is completed, you can click on the second link to complete the second part.

Link 1:

Link 2:

At the end of the experiment, we will ask if you are happy to be contacted for our follow-up study, a third experimental task. Your participation in this and the follow-up study is entirely voluntary. This study is organised by the Department of Psychology in the Bundeswehr University Munich (Chair: Prof. Merle Fairhurst, Your data will be pseudo-anonymised until we have combined the two parts of the study. To analyse average effects across our participant pool, the data will then be fully anonymised and any results reported will be done so at the group level. If you have any questions about our study, or wish to withdraw from our mailing list, please contact

Many Thanks for your participation !