Master Thesis Offer: Designing a Quasi-Quantum Microchip for Neuromorphic On-Board Computing


Job Location: Munich, Germany 


Company Overview:

Salutes Space is at the forefront of quantum computing and neuromorphic engineering, driving innovation to enhance computing capabilities for advanced applications. Our cutting-edge research aims to merge quantum computing principles with neuromorphic designs to create highly efficient, next-generation on-board computing solutions.


Project Description:

We are seeking an ambitious Master’s student to undertake a groundbreaking thesis project focused on designing a state-of-the-art quasi-quantum microchip for neuromorphic on-board computers. This project will explore the integration of quantum computing elements with neuromorphic computing architectures to significantly enhance processing speed, efficiency, and computational power, mimicking the human brain's neural networks and functionality.



● Conduct in-depth research into quantum computing, neuromorphic architectures, and their potential integration.

● Design and simulate a quasi-quantum microchip tailored for neuromorphic on-board computing applications.

● Analyze the performance, efficiency, and scalability of the designed microchip.

● Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of experts in quantum computing, neuromorphic engineering, and on-board computing systems.

● Document the design process, simulation results, and analysis in a comprehensive Master’s thesis.



● Currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or a related field, with a focus on quantum computing, neuromorphic engineering, or microchip design.

● Strong foundation in quantum mechanics, semiconductor physics, and neural network modeling.

● Proficiency in simulation and design software relevant to microchip design and quantum computing.

● Innovative thinking with the ability to approach complex problems creatively. 

● Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and technical writing skills.


What We Offer:

● An opportunity to work on a pioneering project at the intersection of quantum computing and neuromorphic engineering.

● Access to advanced computing resources, simulation tools, and expert guidance.

● A collaborative and supportive research environment.

● The chance to contribute to the development of revolutionary on-board computing technology.

● Possibility of offering stipend, financial aid for exceptional candidates.


Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to submit the following to

● A detailed CV, highlighting relevant experience, projects, and academic achievements.

● A cover letter expressing your interest in the project, including any previous exposure to quantum computing, neuromorphic engineering, or microchip design.

● A brief proposal outlining your initial thoughts on the project, potential research approaches, or any innovative ideas you wish to explore.


Deadline for Applications: 3.3.2024


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview to discuss their proposal and potential fit for the project in more detail. Salutes Space is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive research environment. We encourage applications from students of all backgrounds, ready to challenge the boundaries of current computing technologies.