AIAA SciTech 2024: Navigating the Future

19 Januar 2024

Denis Surmann, Luca Hein and Purav Panchal from Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and Lucas Brenner from the Institute of Electric Drives and Actuators proudly participated in the AIAA SciTech 2024 conference, held in Orlando from 7th-12th January 2024. Presenting four compelling topics, unveiled the intricacies of gain design for an INDI-based flight control algorithm tailored for a conceptual lift-to-cruise vehicle, shed light on the critical hardware-in-the-loop requirements verification for an electrically powered general aviation aircraft, delved into the challenges and triumphs of integrating, verifying, and validating a model-based avionic software in a real-time flight dynamics environment, respectively, and analyzed gearbox configurations for an electric aviation drive. The research presented are part of the project ELAPSED funded by These presentations not only showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of aviation technology but also highlighted the collaborative spirit of our researchers in addressing the evolving challenges in the aerospace industry. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting research initiatives!

Photos of presentations:





All the published papers can be accessed here: