The main focus of the BioML lab is the development and enhancement of biometric recognition systems. We work with different biometric modalities, such as face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein, or handwritten signatures, as well as with combinations of those in multi-biometric schemes. Besides trying to increase the recognition accuracy and computational efficiency of the systems, we focus on other relevant aspects of this research area. Preserving the privacy of the subjects is at the core of our research, for which we develop biometric template protection schemes in compliance with the GDPR and relevant ISO standards, following the Privacy-by-Design principle. Furthermore, the detection of several forms of attacks on biometric systems (e.g., Presentation Attacks or Morphing Attacks) is key to increasing the security and reliability of the systems. Last but not least, we believe that higher explainability and transparency will allow further acceptance and deployment of biometric recognition.

A deep understanding of machine learning methods and cryptographic primitives allows us to pursue our research goals.

Our group co-organises and participates in international academic conferences such as IJCB and BIOSIG, and contributes both to the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and the international standardisation in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37.