Iris Presentation Attack Detection (Iris PAD)

Motivation & Goals

Iris stands out among other biometric characteristics due to its long-time stability and the richness of its pattern. One of the simplest forms of attack on a biometric system consists on presenting a fake artefact, known as Presentation Attack Instrument (PAI) to the capture device (e.g., a silicone face mask, a gummy fingerprint, or a patterned contact lense) in order to impersonate someone else or avoid being recognised. This is known as Presentation Attack (PA). Whereas considerable efforts have been devoted to the detection of these attacks for other characteristics, such as face or fingerprint, this is still not the case for iris recognition.


  • Study the state-of-the-art in iris PAD
  • Develop and evaluate iris PAD methods (e.g., machine and deep learning based)
  • Benchmark the developed methods agains the state-of-the-art


Marta Gomez-Barrero (