As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, so do the methods employed by malicious actors to compromise and exploit sensitive information. Conducting research aimed at understanding and countering such threats, as well as at developing tools and practices that could safeguard individuals, organisations, and even nations from cyberattacks, data breaches, and online fraud, plays a vital role in modern society, in order to preserve trust and confidence in our digital infrastructure.

The major goal of the IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS) is to bring together researchers working in the different areas of information forensics and security to discuss challenges, exchange ideas, and share state-of-the-art results and technical expertise, with the aim of building a community capable of providing adequate tools and solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The aim of this special session on Synergies between Biometrics and Forensics is to facilitate synergies and bring together researchers working on the areas of forensic science and biometrics. Topics of interest of this special session include (but are not limited to):

  • Biometrics for crime scenes, digital and analogue
  • Attacks on biometric systems, including deep fakes
  • Attack detection on biometrics
  • Mobile, behavioural and soft-biometrics
  • Biometric data anonymization/de-identification
  • Multimedia Forensics
  • Surveillance
  • Explainable AI for Biometrics & Forensics
  • Ethical, societal, and privacy implications


Workshop dates: December 2 to 5, 2024

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