Always the right mixer for each purpose

Different mixer types and sizes are available in the laboratory for the various applications. Very light lightweight concrete with its soft consistency must treated differently than high strength concrete containing crushed coarse aggregate.

Small mixers are best suited for initial evaluation batches and practical student courses, while research projects require often more specimens and thus demand a larger concrete volume. Compulsory mixers are available for fresh concrete volumina ranging from 35 l to 100 l. Additionally we have a bucket mixer for smallest samples and for onsite mixes if the refill of drilled cores is requested.


Mixer for lightweight concrete

Our UEZ-mixers are best suited for lightweight concrete. Their mixing paddles are especially equipped with plastic sheets which minimizes the crushing of lightweight aggregate during mixing. Only due to this measure the demanding very light lightweight concretes can be produced in a reproducible manner.


Standard concrete mixers

Two Zyklos mixers are at hand as very robust working devices. These mixers can be filled very easily and can be found in almost any concrete lab. They are suitable for almost any normal concrete.


Mortar mixers

The laboratory for mortar and binders is equipped with up to date mortar und paste mixers.