Philipp Jonas Rösch M.Sc.

Philipp Jonas Rösch M.Sc.
ETTI 2 - Institut für Verteilte Intelligente Systeme
Gebäude 41/200, Zimmer 0204

Philipp Jonas Rösch M.Sc.

Since February 2020 I am a research associate at the Institute for Distributed Intelligent Systems (VIS) at the Bundeswehr University Munich.
I obtained my Master's Degree (M.Sc.) in Statistics from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. After graduation I worked in industry for several years.

I'm co-organizing the Machine Learning Interest Group (MLIG) - a platform for researchers at UniBw M focusing on ML/AI topics. If you would like to join the Ilias group and participate at our meetups, please sign up here:


Research Interests
  • Visiolinguistics, Vision+Language, Multimodal Machine Learning – I prefer the first term ;)
  • Neural Networks, Deep Learning


Other Interests
  • Distributed Training