The sound of my body

How long will this take: Approximately 2 minutes

Aim of this exercise: To look at how sound and touch interact to tell you about the world and your body

Download instructions as PDF


1. To find the exercise, click on “Touch Training” in the exercise tab.

2. Click on the “The sound of my body” Exercise. You will then be taken to the Exercise description.
Please remember to have your sound on for optimal functioning of this exercise as you will hear the
sound of your strokes as you move your finger across the different material surfaces. Click “Start”
when you are ready.


3. Click “Yes” when you are ready to zoom in on the virtual arm.


4. The app will then zoom into your virtual arm. Click on “Yes” to proceed.


5. You will then be asked to choose a material of your choice (One material of the two has to be


6. Click on a sound option and stroke the surface of the arm shown while imagining you are stroking
your real arm. While stroking, think about the sound made. How would you describe it and how it
would make you feel.
7. Please stroke the surface using your right index finger (only). Please do so for at least 10 seconds.
8. When you have finished, click on “Next” at the bottom of the screen.
9. You will be asked to select a different material (One material of the two has to be skin) and repeat
steps 4,5 and 6 once again.
10. You will then be asked to indicate how you feel after this exercise (on a scale from “worse” to
“much better”). Simply click on one of the options.
11. You may also add a note to your diary or make a suggestion about your experience with the app.