Explore the role of touch in Your life!


Let us ask You one simple, but important question: When did you last touch someone?

The social affective touch is the emotionally driven and intentional physical contact between us. Affective touch is essential for the healthy development of infants right through to the emotional regulation of adult. It is a basic human need - but in the today's society  it remains unrecognised much too often, while the virtual comunication is becoming more and more important. The outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the necessary preventive measures have pushed this situation even further, almost bringing the perception of social touch to the point of demonization.

The HandsOn self-help app, developed by an international team of neuroscience and technology experts, invites you to learn more about Your relationship with touch, to explore its importance to you, its influence on Your well-being and its role in the development of Your social contacts - and, of course, to have lots of fun on the way!

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