Sadness Sponge

How long will this take: Approximately 1 minute
Aim of this exercise: To squeeze and feel the release of sad emotions when we are not around our loved ones.

Download instructions as PDF


1. To find the exercise, click on “Stress Control” in the exercise tab.


2. Click on the “Sadness Sponge” Exercise
You will then be taken to the Exercise description. You will need a sponge (e.g. clean kitchen sponge)
for this short exercise. Click “Start” when you are ready.


3. Click “Yes” when you have read the instructions and are ready and do the visualization for 30


4. Click on “Done” when finished to move onto the next step.


5. You will then be asked to indicate how you feel after this exercise (on a scale from “worse” to
“much better”). Simply click on one of the options.
6. You may also add a note to your diary or make a suggestion about your experience with the app.