My body in your hands

How long will this take: Approximately 3 minutes
Aim of this exercise: To see how comfortable you feel and how pleasant it is to be stroked

by different people in varying contexts using a virtual avatar (only 1 context required)

Download instructions as PDF

1. To find the exercise, click on “Touch Training” in the exercise tab.


2. Click on the “My body in your hands” Exercise. You will then be taken to the Exercise description.


3. Click “Start” when you are ready. You will be directed to the instructions. Once you have read the
instructions for all 3 steps, select “Loved one vs. Acquaintance” (required) of 4 contexts you want to
try using the dropdown selection as seen below. Click on “Yes” when you are ready.

3.jpg     4.jpg

4. Once you have read the instructions, you can proceed to Step 1. From the options available on the
top of the screen or by touching the avatar itself, you can rotate, zoom or move the body in any
direction to paint as per your choice focusing on the touch of a loved one (or depending on the
context you have chosen). 


5. You can then proceed to Step 2 and paint the avatar focusing on the touch of an acquaintance (or
depending on the context you have chosen).


6. Once completed, you can proceed to Step 3 and compare both avatars from Step 1 and Step 2 to
see how they are similar or different.


7. After Step 3, you can click on “Finish” on the top right corner of the screen. You will be asked if you
would want to save the image in your photo gallery as seen below for your own future reference.


8. You will then be asked to indicate how you feel after this exercise (on a scale from “worse” to
“much better”). Simply click on one of the options.

9. You may also add a note to your diary or make a suggestion about your experience with the app.
Please note, that for the purpose of this study we require you to choose “loved one vs acquaintance”
during the 3 time points.