Jan-Erik Brune M.Sc.

Professur für Aerothermodynamik (Prof. Mundt)
Building 33/400, Room 3411
+49 89 6004-3558

Jan-Erik Brune M.Sc.

Field of Research

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of ALTP-Sensors in High-Enthalpy Flows

Atomic Layer Thermopiles (short: ALTP) are a new type of heat-flux sensor for the study of heat- transfer problems in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. By this sensor, the transverse Seebeck-effect through an anisotropic thin YBCO film (centered in sensor in figure 1) is used to determine the heat-flux through the film. Unique characteristics of ALTPs are:
  • Heat flux measurements over several magnitudes (from the mW/cm2 range up to several kW/cm2)
  • Temporal resolution, which covers a frequency range up to 1 MHz
Fig. 1: Rear and front view of the ALTP sensor module [1]

My field on interest is the application of ALTP sensors in high-enthalpy flow environments like hypersonic flows and combustion processes. Currently, I study the ALTPs behaviour in hypersonic laminar-turbulent transition on a cone (see figure 2). Here, the focus lies on the numerical simulation and experimental measurement of hypersonic instabilities within the boundary layer (see figure 3) causing the transition to turbulent boundary layer flow. The amplified frequencies are in the range of several hundred kHz. Due to their fast response and high temporal resolution, ALTPs are very well suited for the measurement of such flow instabilities.

Fig. 2: Blunt Cone Model in High-Enthalpy Flow Facility HELM [2]
Fig. 3: Shadowgraph of second-mode instability waves on a sharp cone at Mach 8 [1]


[1] Roediger, Tim. 2009. “The Atomic Layer Thermopile-A New Heat Transfer Measurement Technique in Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.” Stuttgart, Germany: University of Stuttgart.

[2] Selcan, Claudio, Tobias Sander, Max Thele, and Christian Mundt. 2018. “Research Status and Recent Results in the HELM Shock Tunnel.” Munich.

Student Projects



Apr. 2019 Dec. 2021

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

EUROAVIA Stuttgart Studenteninitiative e.V., Stuttgart (Website)
Secretary (2019), Alumni Affairs (2020), Active Member (2016 - 2022)

Okt. 2014 June 2018

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA
Semester Abroad (2018), Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy

EUROAVIA Stuttgart Studenteninitiative e.V., Stuttgart
Active Member (2016 - 2022)

Sept. 2006 July 2014

Wieland-Gymnasium Biberach, Biberach an der Riß

Collins Hill High School, Suwanee, GA, USA
Student Exchange (2013, 2014)

High School, Valence, Drôme, France
Student Exchange (2009, 2010, 2011)

Working Experience

Jan. 2022 dato

University of the Bundeswehr, Munich
Research Associate at Institute for Thermodynamics

Apr. 2019 Dec. 2021

German Aerospace Center (DLR), Stuttgart
Student Research Assistant at the Institute for Combustion Technologies

Sept. 2016 Dec. 2020

KSat Stuttgart e.V., Stuttgart
Software and Simulation Developer for Projects SOURCE and PAPELL

TESAT Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG, Backnang
Internship at Thermal Reliability of Passive Communications

Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg
Pre-Study Industrial Intership