New Publication on Liquid Film Thermometry and film thickness measurements in jet impingement cooling applications

March 2024

We published an article on liquid film temperature and thickness measurements in the heat transfer oil Marlotherm LH relevant for electric and electronic applications. The applied two-color laser-induced fluorescence technique is based on the temperature-sensitive fluorescence dye nile red that is doped to the heat transfer oil. Fluorescence was excited by using a Nd:YAG-laser at 532 nm. The temperature determination was realized by two sCMOS-cameras equipped with suitable band pass filters. The jet-wall interaction was studied for a cold oil jet impinging on a heated surface. The study revealed an increasing film temperature and decreasing film thickness (on average from 0.24 to 0.17 mm) with increasing solid temperature (which varied between 298 K and 398 K).

The article was published in the prestigious journal "Experiments in Fluids". The full paper is freely available here:

EXIF Film 2024.jpg