The Institute of Jet Propulsion offers consecutive classes in the field of turbomachinery and aircraft propulsion, both in the bachelor's and master's program for various courses of study at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.
In addition to lectures, students are offered seminars, internships in the field of turbomachinery and a wide range of project involvement for student theses.


Propulsion Systems

Compulsory lecture for Bachelor's program (major in aeronautical engineering) in the 6th Bachelor's trimester

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dragan Kožulović

Lecture contents
Classification of propulsion systems, types and areas of application, thermodynamic process, definition of performance and efficiencies, aerothermodynamic fundamentals of turbomachinery, functional description of turbomachinery components.

Teaching assistants
Andreas Grois, M.Sc.
Sebastian Riebl, M.Sc.
Yannik Schäfer, M.Sc.

Aeronautical Propulsion Systems

Compulsory lecture for Master's program (major in propulsion and aeronautical engineering) in the 2nd Master's trimester

Dr.-Ing. Marcel Stößel

Lecture contents
Turbojet engine operating characteristics, performance maps, turbojet engine in twin-shaft design, construction methods and fundamentals of twin-spool turbofan engines, construction methods and fundamentals of turboprop engines, engines for supersonic flight


Teaching assistants

Turbomachinery Components

Compulsory lecture for Master's program (major in propulsion systems) in the 3rd Master's trimester

Dr.-Ing. M. Bitter

Lecture contents
Types and applications of turbomachineries, two- and three-dimensional flow in turbomachinery components, design methodology for turbomachinery components, operating ranges/characteristics and control of turbomachinery components, operating influences.

Teaching assistants
Ines Gohl, M.Sc.
Jonas Remiger, M.Sc.
Nils Schwagerus, M.Sc.

Practical Course "Turbomachinery"

At ISA we offer a hands on experience on turbomachinery testing in the Master curriculum. In this course the students participate in compressor rig testing and a final engine test at our test facility.


In cooperation with the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion at the Technical University Munich, the ISA is organizing a lecture series on relevant and current topics of the world of turbomachinery and propulsion. The series comprises presentations from up-to-date topics of relevant industrial partners, as well as selected research topics.