Whose action? Self-other integration during rhythmic joint action


Ole Adrian Heggli

Assistant Professor, Center for Music in the Brain,

Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, and the Royal Academy of Music


Interpersonal coordination is a core part of human interaction, and its underlying mechanisms have been extensively studied using social paradigms such as joint finger-tapping. Here, individual and dyadic differences have been found to yield a range of dyadic synchronization strategies, such as mutual adaptation, leading–leading, and leading–following behaviour, but the brain mechanisms that underlie these strategies remains a topic of active research. In this talk I will present results from an EEG-study where we identified an action-perception related network as linked to synchronization strategies in rhythmic joint action. I propose that this network may also serve as an indicator of self-other integration, and present a model that capture some key features of rhythmic joint action.