ATTENTION! The official conference time is Central European Time (CET)



18th November 2020



An introduction by Prof. Merle Fairhurst and the organising commitee

10:30 Prof. Alan Wing (University of Birmingham, UK), Prof. Mark Elliott (University of Warwick, UK): Ensemble timing

11:00 Dr. Alessandro D'Ausilio (University of Ferrara & Italian Institute of Technology, Italy): The sensorimotor basis of human communication

11:30 Prof. Tamas David-Barret (University of Oxford, UK): The evolutionary origins of coordination on social networks


13:30 Anita Keshmirian (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany): Many Heads Are More Utilitarian Than One

14:00 Dr. Bahador Bahrami (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany): Neuro-computational basis of interpersonal alignment (but not syncrony) of beliefs under uncertainty

14:30 Prof. Travis Wiltshire (Tilburg University, The Netherlands): Considering the Time-Varying Properties and Functions of Multi-Modal Team Coordination


15:30 Dr. Mengsen Zhang  (Stanford University, USA): Always on the move: Fluid social coordination across scales

16:00 Prof. Wayne D. Gray (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA): From Human-Human Understanding to Human-Robot Interactions

16:30 Prof. Steven Brown (McMaster University, Canada): The Two Roads to Creating Social Cohesion: Conversational Alignment and Motoric Entrainment

17:00 Prof. Carolyn Parkinson (University of California, USA): How real-world social networks shape individual cognition and behavior



19th November 2020


10:00 Prof. Peter Keller (University of Western Sydney, Australia): Sources of individual differences in rhythmic interpersonal coordination

10:30  Dr. Domna Banakou (University of Barcelona, Spain): Walking in Groups in Immersive Virtual Reality: Temporal coupling during in-group and out-group interactions

11:00 Inbar Marton-Alper (University of Haifa, Israel): Is Herding in Human Groups Related to High Autistic Traits?

11:30 Dr. Maria Lombardi (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy): Nonverbal leadership emergence in walking groups


13:30 Prof. Merle Fairhurst (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany): The "me" in the "we": the self to other ratio in group interactions

14:00 Dr. Liam Cross (Edge Hill University, UK): How Moving Together Binds Us Together

14:30 Dr. Suzanne Dikker (New York University, USA): Synchrony in the real world. Connecting brains and disciplines at the interface of science, art and education

15:00 Prof. Ido Davidesco (University of Connecticut, USA): Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Predicts Learning in Groups



WORKSHOP: Quantifying group coordination (methods)



20th November 2020

10:00 Prof. Pedro Passos (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Dr. João Milho (Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal): Dig deep’ on interpersonal synergies in sports!

10:30 Dimitris Bolis (International Max Planck Research School for Translational Psychiatry, Germany): Interpersonal Similarity Of Autistic Traits Predicts Friendship Quality

11:00 Dr. Ralf Kurvers (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany): How to sway voters: Using strategic misalignment to gain social influence

11:30 Dr. Justin Sulik (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany): When and how mavericks help group problem solving


13:30 WORKSHOP: Creative coordination in groups


16:00 Prof. Daniel C. Richardson (University College London, UK): Collective action and collective experience