With non-essential travel limited both due to the associated carbon cost and the risk of Coronavirus transmission, we stand at an impasse. Conferences may seem like a thing of the past. This challenge offers us a unique opportunity to rethink how we as a community wish to gather and discuss our common interests. With BRIDGES (Building Research InterDisciplinary Groups through E-conferences), we propose a solution that makes use of the available technology, so that we can meet as a community but without the restrictions of disciplinary or geographical boundaries. In doing so, we hope to:

• Promote interdisciplinary exchange (free & unrestricted registration to audit)
• Facilitate new collaborations (themed workshops)
• Train young researchers (elevator pitch style poster competitions with prizes & feedback)
• Ensure quick turnaround of ideas and results (short interval between call & conference)


To register, simply send us an e-mail to socialbridges@unibw.de with the following information:  Your full name, research institution, fields of interest and whether you would like to participate in the poster competition.