Our competition goal

BRIDGES is committed to facilitating the exchange between established and early career researchers.

Additionally, to counter a propensity to propagate and at lightning speed the news we want to hear, we believe in clear, precise and accessible scientific communication to ensure that the results of our community’s output are communicated so as best to serve our public funders.

To that end, a highlight of our e-conferences will be a video competition, sponsored by Gorilla Experiment Builder.

Video competition rules and prizes


Submission date: 19 April 2021


For our virtual poster wall which provides a possibility for researchers to read and interact with the presenter of the poster, early career researchers (graduate students and and max. PhD+3 years) are welcome to submit a short 3-5 minute video presentation. An interdisciplinary panel will judge the video in terms of accessibility, clarity and precision. The video should highlight:

1) Research question and it’s relevance to non-academic audience
2) Why the approach is novel and timely
3) Short summary of findings
4) Proposed next steps

With permission, videos of the finalists will be added to our YouTube channel.
You can take a look at our past submissions in our conference archive.


Are you interested in helping to provide invaluable feedback to our competition entrants? To create panels made up of both Early Career Researchers and Established academics, we welcome applications from ECRs (max. PhD + 6 years). Moreover, as we aim to ensure representational balance across and within our panels, we look forward to hearing from females and minorities. Panelists should have a proven track record which may include public speaking and scientific communication as well as successful grant applications and high impact publications.


We are excited to announce that thanks to the generous contribution of Gorilla Experiment Builder, this year we are in a position to offer, in addition to the invaluable feedback from the panel, the following prizes:

1st place
500 Gorilla tokens

2nd place
250 Gorilla tokens

3rd place
200 Gorilla tokens

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