Munich Center for Space Communications

Munich Center for Space Communications



The Munich Center for Space Communications is one of Germany’s largest and most versatile research facilities for true over-the-air testing of satellite and space communications equipment and technologies. Hosted by the Chair of Signal Processing, this manufacturer independent facility at the Campus of the Munich University of the Bundeswehr comprises a powerful satellite ground station with multiple antennas covering the UHF, C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band. With different satellite capacities from our partners, the Munich Center for Space Communications provides end-to-end over-the-air satellite communications test and measurement capabilities. The Center is split up into a governmental test and verification range called Bundeswehr SATCOM Center for Evaluation, Research & Test (SatCERTBw) and the Munich SpaceCom Labs, an independent research facility for satellite and space communications that is fully open to the public research community.

SatCERTBw Munich SpaceComLabs

In particular we offer:

  • Independent research & development of new technologies in the field of satellite and space communications
  • Field trials, system and equipment tests
  • Verification measurements, compatibility and acceptance tests
  • Communication signal monitoring including in-orbit testing


This includes air time as well as test campaign planning, scientific results evaluation, reporting, and in-depth expert analysis.

For any requests on the test range capabilities and for customized offers or proposals for research collaborations please contact Robert Schwarz.


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