Research Topics


Radio Communications

  • MSCL5G.png
  • We operate Germany’s major lab and test facility for satellite based 5G networks and internet of things.
    In this context, our research topics include:
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Satellite Communications
  • Satellite Channel Measurements and Modelling
  • SISO and MIMO Predistortion Techniques for Nonlinear Satellite Channels
  • Signal Processing for All-Digital Satellite Payloads
  • SATCOM-on-the-Move Systems
  • Channel Modelling for on-the-Move Applications
  • Secure Satellite Communications
  • Jamming-Resistant Waveforms and Receiver Techniques
  • Physical Layer IT-Security
  • Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Network Integration
  • Governmental Wireless Networks (e.g. TETRA)
  • QoS Optimized and Secure IP Satellite Networks
  • low-power massive machine-type comminications (mMTC) for the Internet of Space
  • Satellites in 6G Networks


Biomedical Information Technology

  • Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement Control
  • Parameter Estimation in Biological Systems
  • Biomedical Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Event Detection and Smart Alarm Systems
  • Long-Term and Context-Aware Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis Using DSP Systems



We are a member of

Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung e.V.
Research Center Munich Integrated Research on Aerospace “MIRA”
Research Center Cyber Defence “CODE”
Satellite Communications Committee of IEEE ComSoc
NATO Capability Team for Satellite Communications (NATO SATCOM CaT)
DGLR Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt