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5G Campus Network Measurements and Performance Analysis

5G Campus Network Measurements and Performance Analysis
A 5G campus network also called 5G Private network or 5G Non-Public Network (5G-NPN), is a 3GPP-based standalone 5G network for the users affiliated with an organization, covering a defined geographical area. 5G campus networks operate over specifically assigned frequency bands, e.g., 3.7–3.8 MHz in Germany.
As part of its 6G activities and the SeRANIS project, University of the Bundeswehr Munich has a terrestrial 5G campus network (NOKIA NDAC) dedicated to research purposes. The scope of this network is to help academia and industry access the performance for different use cases, with a focus on the integration of terrestrial network (TN) and non-terrestrial network (NTN).
As a student in a BA, MA, study, or project work, you will be involved in several activities, such as the configuration of network components, measurement campaigns, and performance analysis. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself and practice with real hardware and new test equipment.
The work can be variably adapted to one or more candidates in terms of scope and requirements.
Zielgruppe: Uni: BA oder MA für KT, ST, ME
FH: SA oder MA für CAE (COM)
Voraussetzungen: Grundlagen Programmierkenntnisse, Grundlagen von Kommunikationsnetzen, Interesse an Testequipment
Schlagworte: Mobilfunk, 5G/6G, Messungen
Betreuer / Kontakt: Florian Völk
Tel. +49 (0) 89 6004 7521, Geb. 35, Raum 1362